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FHAC is a 2014 comedy brickfilm by Keshen Matus.[1] It alludes to the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest (usually referred to as THAC) hosted on Bricks in Motion, and follows an upper-class Englishman who is creating a brickfilm for what he believes to be called the Fourty-eight Hour Animation Contest, or FHAC.[2]


On the day of the Forty-eight Hour Animation contest, Percy works his entry as Henry walks in and asks what he's up to. Percy exclaims he is participating in FHAC. Percy goes on to explain that FHAC-ing for the past forty-eight hours has taken a toll. Henry, now realizing his misunderstanding shares with Percy that he at first believed he meant a different four letter word. Henry goes on to explain that the contest is actually THAC the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, which ended twenty-three hours ago, and not FHAC.

Award nominations

Year Competition Category Result
2014 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Vocal Performance Nominated


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