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FABULAND is a 2000 dark comedy brickfilm by Olivier Couëllant and Grégory Métay.[1] It is about a mouse, Bonnie, who invites everyone from her class to the funfair except for a crocodile, Emile, who is in love with her.[2] It is an early example of a French brickfilm and, as the name implies, it mostly includes elements from the LEGO Fabuland theme of sets. A second cut of the film was created in 2005/6 with sound redone by Benjamin Martin-Cocher.



  • Cathy Métay as Bonnie
  • Olivier Couëllant as Emile
  • Alain Hostache as Jacot
  • Alexandre Bouscary as Jean, Police
  • Caroline Chevallereau as Caline
  • Virginie Giroux as Mélanie
  • Laeticia Gaune as Louise
  • Francine Delplace as Teacher
  • Daniel Buthiaux as Mr Lapino
  • Grégory Métay as The chauffeur of the mayor
  • Jean-Michel Guillemin as Mr le Maire, Nicolas the gas station attendant
  • Marie-Christine Dauner as Valentine, Epilogue voice-over
  • Cyril Fioen as Gaetan
  • Cédric Ih as Gaspard
  • Clément Chapelle as Fire chief
  • Erik Bernasconi - Screams
  • Joséphine Kergaravat - Additional


  • Olivier Couëllant - Director, Story writer, Animator, Editor, 2D animator, Drawings, Image retouching, Voice direction
  • Grégory Métay - Director, Script writer, Storyboard, Animator, Editor, Voice direction
  • Benjamin Martin-Cocher - Sound remake
  • Matthieu Ryckebusch - Music
  • Olivier Michelot - Sound engineer