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Eye of Aphrodite is a 2004 adventure brickfilm by Mark Wanninger. It follows an adventurer who is trying to retrieve a gem from underground.[1] It was an entry to the High Adventure Theatre Contest on, and placed ninth. The film was made in two weeks,[2] and a noted influence on it is The Gauntlet by Jay Silver.[3]


An adventurer enters an ancient underground tomb. He walks through ruined corridors until he finds a ruby on a podium. Upon taking the ruby, statues come to life and close in to attack the man. A battle commences as the statues attempt to reclaim the gem, but the adventurer fights them back with a sword.

Pillars begin to collapse, and debris hits the man and knocks loose some dynamite. The dynamite explodes and the man is sent tumbling to a lower level. While unconscious, he dreams that he sees his lover who he presents the ruby to. Upon waking up, he begins to look for a new way out. He puts the ruby in a slot which opens a secret door. Inside is a corridor lined with more statues, who soon come to life. The adventurer throws dynamite at them, and the noise wakes up giant tigers. When the man takes out the ruby, it appears to stop them in their tracks.

The adventurer runs for an exit. A skeleton begins to close a door, but the adventurer manages to slide under it in the nick of time. The man finally reaches the outside world, and on his slide out manages to drop the ruby and grab on to flowers instead. He lands at the feet of his lover, who is happy to be presented with the flowers.[1]