Extreme Geschenking
Santa receives many letters to get through
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Directed by
Released December 2008
  • Constanze Zachner
  • Rebekka Zachner
  • Max Zachner
Running time
Language German
Created for BCCC '08

Extreme Geschenking is a 2008 Christmas brickfilm by Max Zachner. It is about Santa Claus becoming distracted from his duties, until there is very little time left.[1] It is Zachner's first released brickfilm.[2][3] It was created for the Christmas Contest 2008, and won first place.[4] The following year, Zachner won the contest again with the film Stille Nacht.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit


Part of the storyboards for the film

  • Constanze Zachner as Girl
  • Rebekka Zachner as Mother
  • Max Zachner as Santa Claus

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References Edit

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