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Extreme Delivery is a 2004 sci-fi comedy brickfilm by Mark Butler.[1] It follows a delivery in progress by an interplanetary courier, eagerly awaited by a band of rebels.[2] It is the second Extreme film, following Extreme Preparation.[3] The film is partially based on the Star Wars universe.


In space, a delivery ship is being pursued by a ship of villains who are determined to stop it. The hero turns his ship towards a planet fast enough to evade the villains. On the planet, rebels are engaged in a battle and are anxious to receive the important delivery. The hero lands in a nearby Stormtrooper hangar, and two Stormtroopers are alerted to the presence of an unauthorized ship.

The hero heads for a transportation tube and enters a tram car. The Stormtroopers pursue in the following tram and attempt to shoot at him, missing every time. Meanwhile, the rebels are concerned they cannot hold out without the delivery soon. The hero manages to lose the Stormtroopers and sneak through hidden passages towards the rebels' location. They eventually find him but he stops them in their tracks by activating a force field, at which point the Stormtroopers give up.

The hero arrives to the rebels just in time. He delivers to them five pizzas, but is sent back as the rebels didn't order any cheese. It is revealed that the hero works for 'Rebel Pizza'.[2]


  • Corey Butler as the Hero
  • Jason Trujillo as Stormtrooper Ralph
  • Mark Butler as Stormtrooper Bob
  • Dan Howlett as Spaceship Captain
  • Kevin Butler as additional voices
  • Bruce Butler as additional voices
  • Mark Maria as additional voices
  • Sharon Butler as the voice of the computer