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Experience and Error is a 2015 mystery brickfilm by Nate Swihart.[1] It is about a soldier exploring a strange black and white land. It was created for the Darkness and Light Contest on Bricks in Motion and won third place.[2]


A medieval soldier wakes up in a black expanse. He begins to walk until he encounters the edge, where the ground suddenly becomes white. Another soldier on the white side waves to him, but is then lifted away by a giant hand. The first soldier runs away in fear and reaches the opposite edge, where he sees an archer standing on white ground.

The giant hand lifts the soldier and moves him to a different section of black ground. He sees the other soldier on adjacent white ground again and they wave to each other, when a knight on horseback appears and defeats the soldier on white ground. The soldier on black ground runs to attack, but gets an electric shock when trying to pass from black to white. A floating castle with a queen on top arrives to vanquish the knight, and it is revealed that this has all been taking place on a chess board.[1]


  • Nate Swihart - Director, Animator, Sound design

Award Nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2015 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Sound Design Nominated