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For the 2015 brickfilm by Julian Witusch, see Lego Evolution

Evolution (YouTube title: Lego Evolution) is a 2012 brickfilm by Al Nickels.[1] It depicts the evolution of a LEGO piece into a minifigure, featuring references to the history of LEGO.[2]


From an ocean of LEGO pieces, a white 1x1 plate is deposited onto land. It starts to hop along, and begins to evolve and grow wider and taller. Continuing to move forward, it proceeds to sprout the crude human shape of a 1975 LEGO minifigure. Next, a face evolves onto the head, and the body morphs into the more familiar form of a 1978 minifigure, gaining articulated limbs. The figure jumps with joy and begins to walk around with its new legs, but is soon stomped by a large foot that is revealed to belong to a LEGO Homemaker figure.