Ethan Olson
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  • Mighty Wanderer
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2009 - Present
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Ethan Olson is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is known for Draw, the first place winner of the Sight & Sound Contest on Bricks in Motion; Goblin Rush, the second place winner of THAC XVI; and for Lose My Soul in LEGO.

Filmography[edit | edit source]

Year Title Notes
2009 LEGO Universe Story Starter entry
2009 Policeman loses
2009 Contraption Calamity
2009 Stormtrooper Presentation[2]
2010 Lights! Camera! Herbs! 2010 Mountain Rose Herbs Video Contest runner-up[3]
2010 A Supposedly Surprise Attack[4]
2011 Chocolate Egg Fanatic EASTER Brickfilming Festival 2011 entry
2011 The Magnifying Glass
2011 Batman: Infiltration LEGO Super Heroes Challenge entry
2011 Wonderland Tea Party Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 9 entry
2012 It Runs in the Family The Ten Lines Contest 2012 second place winner
2012 Brickfilm Fight: Mighty Wanderer vs. coolasice11
2012 Smile!
2012 Hair with Mr. Brisly
2012 Brickfilming Is Just Awesome Community project co-ordinated by Harry Bossert
2012 Choco-Dash EASTER Brickfilming Festival 2012 entry
2012 ENT
2012 Chameleon Teaser Trailer "Camoflague" Animation Challenge entry
2012 Batman: Shark-Repellant Bat-Spray "Re-Run" Animation Challenge winner
2012 The Artifact Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest X entry
2013 Star Wars Uncut - The Empire Strikes Back: Scene 416
2013 Hyperopia Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2013 entry
2013 Christmas 2013 Christmas in a Minute Contest 2013 entry
2013 Magnus Lapsus Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 11 entry
2014 Chill "Freeze Ray" Animation Challenge entry
2014 Fixer Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2014 entry
2015 Circle of Truth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII entry
2016 Crab Crackdown Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIII entry
2016 Lose My Soul in LEGO
2016 Draw Sight & Sound Contest first place winner
2017 Batman vs. Cheeseman Rebrick LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films entry
2017 Wolfy Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIV entry
2017 The Cool And Awesome Ninja Named Zane Helps Rebuild a Citizen's Livelyhood Rebrick Ninja for a Day entry
2017 But You Can't Do That!
2018 A Boring Law Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV entry
2019 Goblin Rush Co-production with Chris Boyer and Sean M.
Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVI second place winner
2019 Adventure: The Search for the Greatest Treasure (with Zac Sloan)
2020 Scavenger Co-production with Chris Boyer
Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVII ninth place entry
2020 Bang: A LEGO Western Created for the Quarantine Daze community project coordinated by Zach Macias
2021 Split Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XVIII entry

References[edit | edit source]

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