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Errol Elumir is a Canadian brickfilmer. He is known for 1xY and the award-nominated Fight, his only two completed brickfilms.[1] His films are notable for not including minifigures, with 1xY featuring characters made of LEGO plates and Fight combining Stikfas figures with LEGO elements.


In 2003, Errol Elumir was inspired to create his first brickfilm for a competition held by his workplace, the Children's Technology Workshop. His film, 1xY, used combinations of LEGO plates as characters because Elumir did not own any LEGO minifigures at the time. The film would go on to win his work's competition.[2]

Some time after completing this film, Elumir began work on the sequel, 1xY2, and planned for a 2004 release. However, following the birth of his second child,[3] he could not find the time to work on the film and decided on just releasing a trailer featuring the footage he had gotten done.[4] He had plans to finish the film eventually, but realised towards the end of 2004 that he would never get it completed.[5]

In 2005, Elumir began work on a fight film using posable Stikfas figures, simply titled Fight.[6] To reduce the difficulty of animating the Stikfas, he replaced the figures' feet with LEGO pieces which allowed them to stand on a LEGO baseplate.[7] He also used LEGO elements to achieve various other poses throughout the filming.[8][9][10] Filming continued into 2006 but slowed down after February.[11]

After sitting on the footage for a year, Elumir realised he would never finish the project and edited what he had completed into a film, releasing Fight in 2007.[12] Fight would go on to be nominated for Best Animation, Best Cinematography and Best Sound Design in the 2007 BAFA awards and turned out to be Elumir's final film to feature LEGO pieces, though he would continue to animate with Stikfas figures until 2009.[13]

In 2014, Errol Elumir was interviewed for Bricks in Motion: The Documentary.[14]


Year Title Notes
2003 1xY Children's Technology Workshop competition winner
2004 1xY2 Trailer
2005 Errol's Minifig Action Clip Test
2007 Fight