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Equine Introspection is a 2016 comedy brickfilm by "rioforce".[1][2] It follows a conversation between two horses, who begin to ponder the nature of humans.[3] It was an entry to the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2016, and won second place.


A horse, Winifred, walks through a park at night. She spots a horse dude standing at the side of the path, and checks that the coast is clear before walking past him. She sneaks up beside him and demands all of his money, gagging him. The horse dude spits out the gag and points out a nearby horse stealing a human. He asks if Winifred thinks humans have minds of their own or if they are just dumb creatures, and Winifred begins to respond before realizing she has been distracted, so she gags the horse dude again.

In a tree, two birds observe the two horses having a scuffle. One wonders if horses are just dumb creatures, or if they have thoughts. The birds decide that horses are dumb and surely only birds are intelligent.[3]



  • "rioforce" - Creator
  • Guy Commanderson - Music
  • Chris Boyer - Special thanks for sending one of the lenses used