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Ein König reich (English: The King's Kingdom) is a 1998 comedy brickfilm by HARPO Studios.[1] It is about a man whose bargaining gains him increasing power as a king.[2] It is an early German brickfilm, and it was the first brickfilm by HARPO Studios to be stop-motion animated, rather than filmed entirely in live-action. It was shot using a JVC camcorder that featured an animation mode, which allowed for filming in increments of one eighth of a second at a time.[3]

It was the first brickfilm that HARPO released online, in 2003.[4][5] They were taken aback by the relatively high number of downloads it received, and so were inspired to create two new brickfilms in 2005. The second of these, Von der Rolle, includes a fictionalised HARPO film studio lot, and a scene that references Ein König reich. Ein König reich was released with English subtitles in February 2006.[6] It is the only brickfilm by HARPO Studios that has been released with an English translation.