Egyptian Comedy
The boy becomes pharaoh, somehow
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Directed by
Released July 2002
  • Wolfgang Feix
  • Andreas Feix
Running time
Language English

Egyptian Comedy is a 2002 comedy brickfilm by Andreas Feix.[1] It follows the story of a lazy boy who manages to become pharaoh, whose life was captured on film by a cameraman.[2] Part of the film is a sequence that had previously been released under the name Comedian Mummy.[3]

Plot Edit

A cameraman, Joe Freeman, tells the story of a pharaoh that he recorded the life of. The soon-to-be-pharaoh was the son of a farmer who spent his childhood playing video games and the earliest of his later years drinking beer. To the surprise of everyone, he somehow managed to become pharaoh.

He remained pharaoh for many, many years until he was very old. He was becoming weak, and he soon died. His body was thrown into a sarcophagus, but his soul still lived, and 4000 years later his skeleton was observed exiting and entering the sarcophagus each day, and even getting an undead partner and child.

Joe Freeman explains that the pharaoh's sarcophagus now resides in a history museum. The undead couple hop out of the sarcophagus and chase Joe out of the museum.[2]

Cast Edit

  • Wolfgang Feix as Cameraman, Guards
  • Andreas Feix as Pharaoh

Awards Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2003 Jugend filmt[4] Special Achievement in Animation Won
Audience's Choice Award Won

References Edit

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