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Edison is a 2006 historical biopic brickfilm by Judah Frank. It follows the story of Thomas Edison and his invention of the light bulb[1]. It was an entry into the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest and came in fourth place.[2]


Thomas Edison has just finished building a device that can record and play back a noise and shows it to Joseph Hammer. Joseph is astounded by the machine, but Edison wants to move on to greater things; things that help people.


"I want to make something that will help people."

Edison walks down the street and sees a shop that is debuting a new machine that can create light. Soon after turning it on, it breaks.

Edison, now at home, tries to create a similar contraption. He shows Joseph and once he turns it on, it breaks almost immediately. A montage is shown of them attempting to create a lightbulb and failing.

Edison continues to work on the lightbulb. Joseph walks in and tells him it's late and he should go to bed, but Edison tells him, "Just one more." As Joseph walks away, Edison turns on the lightbulb and it finally works. Joseph turns around in awe. They rejoice and wonder if they would be able to sell it.

Now in present day, a teacher gives a lecture about the importance of Edison and the lightbulb, and a montage of lightbulbs in use is shown.




Joseph Frank's score for the film earned it an award in the 2006 BAMPAs.

Year Competition Category Result
2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Score Won