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Ed Sheeran - LEGO House (LEGO Version) is a 2013 music video brickfilm by Dylan Woodley.[1][2] It is a recreation of the official 2011 music video for the song "LEGO House" by Ed Sheeran. It was commissioned by the Warner Music Group, for use on The Warner Sound.


Woodley received the opportunity to create the project following the attention received by his 2012 brickfilm music video for Foster the People - Houdini. This video caught the attention of Ed Sheeran, which managed to lead to Woodley being hired to create a "LEGO House" LEGO recreation. Sheeran had always wanted the song to have a LEGO music video, which was an idea that had been previously shot down by the label over cost and time concerns.[3]

Woodley created a side-by-side edit with the original video to demonstrate the closeness of his recreation, and upon sending this to Warner, they were impressed enough to use this as the version for release.[4]

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