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Ed Fila, typically known as "WoodrowVillage", is an American brickfilmer. He is known for various sketch comedy brickfilms, political satire brickfilms, and his Minecraft parody series Minecrap.[1][2]


Year Title Notes
2012 The Wizard and the Peasant
2012 Good Guy Bad Guy
2013 Snakes
2013 Snakes Part 2
2013 Snakes: Coffee People
2013 Messin' with Grandpa
2013 Snakes: Treasure Chest
2013 The Wedding Also known as Epic LEGO Wedding Fail
2013 Duct Tape and Leather
2013 The New Lone Ranger Show
2013 Lenny Also known as Playin' for the Ladies
2013 Duct Tape and Leather: Hot Pursuit
2013 Duct Tape and Leather: Superman vs. Leather Man
2013 Crash Test Dumbass
2014 Crash Test Test Run
2014 Duct Tape and Leather: The Other White Meat
2014 Staff Meeting: Balls of Stone
2014 Suicide Guy: Pilot Episode
2014 Monkey Business
2014 Fabuland
2014 High Voltage
2014 Never Forget
2014 The Good Samaritan
2014 Sexy Time
2014 What Happens Next... Also known as LEGO Homer Simpson Spotted in Public!
2014 Bandito meets the Lone Ranger
2014 Meanwhile... Also known as Thong-Crazed Grannie and Homer Simpson
2014 American Douche Bag: The Headache Fail
2014 Abby... On Ice
2014 Crazy... Like A Fox!
2014 Pot of Gold
2014 LEGO 75033 Star Destroyer
2014 Jihad trailer
2014 Cam Nelson Channel Intro / The LEGO ROCKER Created for TheCamNelson YouTube channel
2014 Are You Ready to ROCK??
2014 Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Tribute
2014 Snakes in Space trailer
2014 Ain't Nobody Got Time For That
2014 Introducing Harry Also known as LEGO Poopy Song
2014 LEGO 76015 Doc Ock Truck Heist
2014 The Princess and the Frog
2014 Quack Also known as Dance Like A Duck!
2014 Spider-Man Saves the City Also known as LEGO Spider-Man's Epic Fail
2014 Old Bastard!
2014 Gobba Gobba Gobba
2014 Pork
2014 Idiots In Space
2014 The Ebola: It's Coming for You...
2014 Wash Your Ass
2014 Minecrap: Pass the Bread
2015 Batman and Robin: Laying Eggs
2015 The Psychedelic Frog
2015 Pickle Park
2015 Bitches
2015 A Very Stupid Presidents' Day Special
2015 Those People... Yoda's Plea for Peace
2015 Pretzels!
2015 Sex Education 101
2015 Stoner Buds: Hangin' with the Mayor
2015 Turtles and Girlfriends
2015 The Voice Mail: A Message from Carez...
2015 Minecrap: Gold, Baby, Gold
2015 Broken Hearted
2015 The Voice Mail: No One Ever Listens. Nobody.
2015 C.H.I.C.K.E.N.
2015 Snakes: In the Weeds
2015 Foul Mouth Monsters Also known as Happy Halloween Mother F*#$ers
2015 Wife Beater: Whiskey and Shit
2015 Sports Fans Also known as Bucky Badger and the Super Fan
2015 Star Wars: The Force from Within
2015 Nativity: A Holiday Special
2016 The Last Laugh
2016 LEGO-Mo and Hamburger Dan
2016 Mr. T "I pity the fool"
2016 Ferguson Country, USA
2016 Trump: Winning with Women
2016 Minecrap: Iron Beats Bone
2016 When Life Gets You Down... Also known as BULLSH*T
2016 The Voice Mail: Ain't Gonna Tolerate That... Also known as You MAD Bro?
2016 A Real Jerk
2016 Angry Birds: Dinner Date
2016 Come Play With Us
2016 Minecrap: PIG PLANET
2016 Dramatic Boy
2016 It's an Award! Also known as The Leg Lamp
2017 The Fatman
2017 Mister Penis: Counter Clockwise
2017 Mister Penis 2: Fun with Balls!
2017 Guy vs Guy
2017 Minecrap: Wiener Farm
2017 Trump on the Run
2017 Dead Giveaway
2017 Selfie Stick featuring Leather Man
2017 Country Style: The Last Man Standin' Wins
2017 Happy Merry New Year
2018 Underwear Guys
2018 The Voice Mail #4: What Did She Say??
2018 [1]
2019 FlintStoned
2019 FlintStoned 2: Thug Life Barney
2019 Crapocracy
2019 Minecrap: Zombie Groove
2019 #Fartgate: The wet shot heard across party lines
2019 Mike Bloomberg Loves the Poor
2020 Best Trump Fan Ever
2020 Mayor Pete Meets Krusty the Clown - Awkward!
2020 Trump and Toilets
2020 The Smoker
2020 Trump Gets the Corona
2020 Golden Nuggets
2020 Out of Order Also known as Rocket Ship Fail
2020 Rattlesnake Bite
2020 Anarchist Soup
2020 Least Racist President in This Room
2020 Serial/Cereal Killer
2020 Election Fraud: A Horrible Thing Also known as Trump: Biggest Sore Loser Ever
2020 Shuman the Human
2021 Dad's Last Supper