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Dustin Finstrom, also known as VN (originally a contraction of Vision;[2][3] now short for Virtuous Narcotic),[4] is an American brickfilmer known for Moronic and Plant. He was also known for running the short-lived AniExer-size Animation Contests[5][6] in association with Bricks in Motion, with assistance from Philip Heinrich.[7]


Full filmography
Year Title Notes
2007 LEGO Accident [8]
2007 The Reprisal
2008 "Weird Al" Couch Potato X [9]
2008 The Adventures of Yeti
2008 Dance Dance LEGO X
2008 The Eluding Rebels
2008 I Let Them Go Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 5 entry
2008 Moronic - Series Trailer
2008 Moronic
2008 You've just been lol'd! Co-production with Seán Willis
2009 Monkey See Monkey Do
2009 Plant Co-production with Jordan Harris's 'Fresh Start' Competition winning entry[10]
2009 Buy-Mart
2015 Channel 42
2016 Honk Honk! Sight & Sound Contest third place winner
2017 Billy's Girlfriend from Preschool Prologue
2017 TEA TIME - "I Ain't No Fool" "Fooled" Brickfilm Contest second place winner
2017 Billy's Girlfriend from Preschool II