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Dudes on the Death Star is a Star Wars brickfilm released on August 21st, 2020 by "M-Finity Animations".


A normal boy, Luke, sets out to rescue his sister from the Empire, and ends up meeting a colorful cast of characters as they team up to thwart an evil plot.


While Stormtroopers are distracted from a presentation by technician Jimmy by the destruction of a planet, a boy named Luke crawls out a TIE Fighter. It is revealed that Luke's sister was kidnapped by Stormtroopers and he hitched a ride while Darth Vader was murdering people at a comedy club; Luke is confronted by a Stormtrooper but he is killed by Luke's childhood friend, Han Whitley, who is on the Death Star searching for his friend Chewbarka. He shows Luke the InterStellar Laser that the Empire will use to destroy the meeting place of the Galactic Government, Cashhooks.

They break into Leia's cell and kill her torturer who was going to torture her with an interrogation droid before they are confronted by Stormtroopers; they manage to kill both but one holds Leia hostage before a droid named T-16 slits his throat with a wrench. Gunfire forces them to escape into the trash compactor where they are shot at by a Stormtrooper that is killed by Chewbarka, who saves them along with Han's grandfather. Luke manages to grab a lightsaber from the trash and they head to the top floor of the Death Star where they meet a droid, R2-D2.

They are confronted by Stormtroopers and Vader's henchman, Admiral Greyhair, who shoot at Chewbarke but Luke seemingly causes a forcefield that protects him. They find the plan, detailing how the Empire will blackmail planets to either join them or poison their crops with cyanide; T-16 tells Luke that according to news articles, Han died 23 years ago. T-16 is then shot in the head and killed by an officer, who electrocutes everyone else and kills R2-D2.

They are brought before the Emperor before Grandpa reveals himself to be one of the guards and frees them; in the fight Han kills Greyhair and Luke kills the Emperor. Luke chases after Vader and they fight before Vader is shot in the head and killed Han. Luke picks up a gun and kills Grandpa with it, revealing him to be a robot and the real Grandpa to be dead. The interrogation droid reveals that Han is also dead and is a robot, never having been alive in the first place. Han realizes that he has the Force instead of Luke and crushes the droid to death with a TIE Fighter, which they then use to fly away.

Later, Jimmy meets with a woman who tells him that everything went according to plan; he stabs her to death and leaves.


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