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Driven is an award-winning 2007 action music video brickfilm by Nathan Wells. It is a music video for the Nadine and Charline song "Something Wicked This Way Comes"[1] and is about a driver who builds a motorcycle to escape a dystopian society[2]. It was an entry to the Nadine and Charlie 2007 Music Video Contest on the forums and was awarded with a "special prize for technical brilliance", receiving the same amount of prize money as the overall first place winner, Lonesome Heroes by Jason Boyle.[3]


In a gray dystopian society, motor vehicles are banned. A man, the driver, walks by a group of police destroying a car. The driver moves on and returns to his home, where he has hidden a sleek black motorcycle in his garage. He had acquired the originally-broken down motorcycle from a shady dealer, and spent a long time repairing the motorcycle.

The driver drives the motorcycle and out among the people. The police are alerted and set up blockades. The driver swerves to avoid the blockades, and ends up smashing through an alley. Large, black gates close shut, but the driver smashes through and escapes into a tunnel. On the other side of tunnel, lush forest is seen. The driver continues to drive.

The driver ends up in a normal city, clogged with traffic. The driver inadvertently runs a red light, and is pursued by the police. The driver escapes into an alley and crashes into a junk yard, where he is surrounded by discarded cars and motorcycles. As the police approach, the driver is able to drive away. The driver flees the city, and ends up in the mountains. After a moment of contemplative resting, the driver drives on into the unknown.[2]


  • Nathan Wells - Director, animator, editor, additional effects
  • Nadine and Charlie - Music
  • Lewis Chen - Digital effects
  • Wo Shing Au - Background images


Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Film Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Set Design Won
Best Visual Effects Nominated