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Dragon Doom is a 2001 comic fantasy brickfilm by David Clough.[1][2] It is about a medieval kingdom that is troubled when a dragon begins to attack it.[3]


While a blacksmith is at work, his son looks out from the roof, and says he sees a dragon. The blacksmith replies that there are no such thing as dragons, but a dragon swoops down and bites his son's head off. The blacksmith heads to the castle to warn the king and queen, but they do not believe dragons exist. Just then, the dragon arrives and snatches one of the castle guards away.

Later, the owner of the dragon chastises it for eating people, and ties it up before taking it into the town to find a solution for the problem. Meanwhile, the blacksmith is gearing up to go fight the dragon. When the townspeople learn the the dragon's life is in danger, they begin to protest over the imminent extinction of the species. The dragon owner brings the dragon to the castle to try to convince the king and queen to help him keep it safe, and they decide to take it in as a pet. A week later, the dragon eats the queen's head off. The blacksmith arrives to avenge his son's death, and slays the dragon. When the guards see this, they assume the blacksmith killed the queen and her pet dragon, and pile on the blacksmith.[3]