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Dracula is a 2009 horror drama brickfilm by Mitchell "Whittleberry" Connolly.[1] It is a stand-alone trailer based on the novel of the same name.[2] It was created as the practical component for a media studies class, and was produced in roughly one month. When Connolly had decided that he wanted to make a film adaption of a piece of gothic literature, he settled on Dracula due to Frankenstein having already been adapted into a brickfilm by Robinson Wood.[3] Connolly's film was later screened at his school along with the other students' films, and it won a prize for Best Picture.[4]



  • Roman Boyar as Jonathan Harker
  • Bert Loos as Professor Van Helsing
  • Richard Connolly as Lord Godalming
  • Finlay Coulter as Dr. Sewell
  • Nick Campbell as Count Dracula
  • Ariane Formosa as Mina Harker

Award nominations[]

Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Set Design Nominated

Behind the scenes gallery[]

For the behind the scenes images, see this gallery on Flickr.