Count Dracula stands on the outside of a building
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Directed by
Mitchell Connolly
Released October 24, 2009
  • Roman Boyar
  • Bert Loos
  • Richard Connolly
  • Finlay Coulter
  • Nick Campbell
  • Ariane Formosa
  • Drama
  • Horror
Running time
Language English

Dracula is a 2009 horror drama brickfilm by Mitchell "Whittleberry" Connolly.[1] It is a stand-alone trailer based on the novel of the same name.[2] It was created as the practical component for a media studies class, and was produced in roughly one month. When Connolly had decided that he wanted to make a film adaption of a piece of gothic literature, he settled on Dracula due to Frankenstein having already been adapted into a brickfilm by Robinson Wood.[3] Connolly's film was later screened at his school along with the other students' films, and it won a prize for Best Picture.[4]

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

  • Roman Boyar as Jonathan Harker
  • Bert Loos as Professor Van Helsing
  • Richard Connolly as Lord Godalming
  • Finlay Coulter as Dr. Sewell
  • Nick Campbell as Count Dracula
  • Ariane Formosa as Mina Harker

Award nominations Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Set Design Nominated

Behind the scenes gallery Edit

For the behind the scenes images, see this gallery on Flickr.

References Edit

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