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Douleur ("Sorrow") is a 2006 drama brickfilm by Jeremy Richard. It is about a man who is tormented by the memories of misfortunes in his life.[1] It was followed by a spiritual successor, Malheur, in 2010.


An old man pour himself a drink. He thinks back on when he was younger, and how his family members died off one by one. He remembers being with his friend when the friend was hit by a car. After seeing his friend's gravestone, the man began to spend his days sitting on bench, while crowds of people walked past him. This went on for years and years, until the man was elderly.

The man goes upstairs. He opens a drawer and takes out a pistol, which he places to his head. He pulls the trigger.[1]


  • Jeremy Richard - Director, Cinematography, Animator, Screenplay, Editor, Set, Accessories
  • Amaury Leve - Accessories


Douleur won one award in the 2006 BAMPAs.[2]

Year Competition Category Result
2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Cinematography Won