Donald Faison
Donald Faison circa 2012
Also known as
  • shundigga
  • I'm fine with that Production
Years active
2010 - Present
Nationality US flag American
Notable works

Donald Faison is an American actor, best known for his leading role as Turk in the comedy-drama Scrubs. He is also a hobbyist stop-motion animator, primarily utilizing LEGO. He is known in brickfilming for the series BlackStormTrooper.[1] He became involved with stop-motion through providing voice work for Robot Chicken, after which he decided to spend time as an intern on the show to learn about the animation and the equipment and technology used.[2]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2010 JackMove
2010 BlackStormTrooper
2011 BlackStormTrooper2
2013 BlackStormtrooper3 (Keysha and Jamal)

References Edit

  1. Faison's YouTube channel
  2. USA Today article about Faison's stop-motion work
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