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Don't Bug Me is a 2005 superhero comedy brickfilm directed by Stephen Nolen and written by Stephen Nolen and Rachel Dew.[1] It follows a math teacher who becomes a superhero and investigates the disappearance of students,[2] and it was based on a joke made by James Morr in the chat room about educational superheroes.[3] It was an entry to the Heroes and Villains Contest on and placed third.[4]


In a school, a math teacher witnesses crimes committed just outside his door and windows, and wishes there was something he could do about them. In PE, a short boy, Francis, expresses his hope to become a professional basketball player but is mocked by his classmates. In biology class, the new teacher, Dr. Klutz, introduces himself and talks about interspecies genetic mutation interchange, an area in which he is very interested and has used to create many experiments including his most successful, a combination of a scorpion and a spider known as a spidion. He asks for volunteers to help him research this area after class and accepts a kid who was yawning obliviously, appearing to be volunteering.

The math teacher comes up with the idea to use all the math in his head to fight crime, and decides on the superhero name MathMan. Meanwhile, Dr. Klutz meets with the student after class and makes him hold a handle of a machine that then removes his head. Outside, a trio of headless henchman who have been committing crimes are confronted by MathMan, and he uses quick calculations based on their mass to throw and defeat them.

Over the following days, attendance of the math class keeps dropping until it is left with only Francis. Francis tells the math teacher that Dr. Klutz told him not to worry and that the students would return in one form or another, so the teacher, suspicious, decides they should give Klutz a visit. They go to the biology lab and the teacher, now dressed as MathMan, asks Klutz what he knows about the absent students, when Klutz unveils that he has fused the students' heads with scorpions and spiders. Klutz orders them to attack, and MathMan calculates how to escape and reverse-engineer the converting machine. Dr. Klutz uses the machine to combine with a bat and flies away, but is immediately hit by a truck. MathMan reverses the machine and turns the students back to a close approximation of normal.[2]


  • Austin Nolen as Francis/PEBoy
  • Lewis Chen as Headless Henchman
  • Stephen Nolen as all other voices