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Dominus Poenae is a 2002 horror brickfilm by Christopher "Kapaluchi Studios" Kim that follows a man who is haunted by demons one night after attacking various people that day.[1] It was the winner of the Best Monster category in the Horror Animation Contest and was also nominated for Scariest Scene, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Effects and Best Set Design.[2]


A young man causes trouble in a town, spraying dirt in an old man's face, hitting a person with a shovel and knocking a woman off her bike. That night, He goes home and notices one of his windows open, which then closes by itself. A shadowy figure is seen darting across the house but the man does not notice and goes to his bedroom to watch TV. He becomes tired and decides to go to bed, turning the TV off.

During the night, the man is awoken by a moving shadow and gets out of bed to investigate. The TV suddenly turns on and displays the message "Prepare for DEATH" on its screen. This frightens the man who begins to run but bumps into a demonic clown who starts to chase him. The man escapes from his house and runs down the street but is stopped by a robed figure on a horse. This figure reveals himself to be the grim reaper and chases the man down the road before attacking him with a large blade, killing him.