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Dominik Skarbek-Kruszewski is a Polish brickfilmer.[1] He is the person who has placed in the most LEGO Rebrick brickfilm competitions, with three of his films having been either grand prize or runner-up winners.[2] Since 2018, he has been working on a large-scale Star Wars brickfilm titled Escape - Episode II.[3]


Year Title Notes
2015 M:TRON Mecha 3
2016 Escape - Episode 1
2016 LEGO Car Race Rebrick LEGO Stop-Motion Dream Race entry
2016 Sasori - The Greatest Villain Rebrick The Greatest Villain of All Time in Ninjago entry
2017 Harley Quinn robs a Gotham Bank Rebrick LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films grand prize winner
2017 LEGO 31025 Mountain Hut goes Castle Rebrick Build and Rebuild runner-up winner
2017 Ninja For a Day Rebrick Ninja for a Day bonus winner
2017 LEGO 31066 Space Shuttle Explorer - Back to school Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2017 A LEGO House Dream Adventure Rebrick A LEGO House Dream entry
2017 Every hero needs a weapon - MiniWeaps teaser-trailer
2017 LEGO 31069 Family Villa goes Xmas
2018 Ship in the bottle Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine in LEGO bricks
2024 The Journey Ahead Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2024 entry
2024 What happens when you get in between a dinosaur and food? Commissioned by The LEGO Group and Universal Pictures
2024 This farmer gets a surprise visit from a herd of dinosaurs! Commissioned by The LEGO Group and Universal Pictures