Dominik Skarbek-Kruszewski
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2015 - Present
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Dominik Skarbek-Kruszewski is a Polish brickfilmer.[1] He is the person who has placed in the most LEGO Rebrick brickfilm competitions, with three of his films having been either grand prize or runner-up winners.[2] He is currently working on a large-scale Star Wars brickfilm titled Escape - Episode II.[3]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2015 M:TRON Mecha 3
2016 Escape - Episode 1
2016 LEGO Car Race Rebrick LEGO Stop-Motion Dream Race entry
2016 Sasori - The Greatest Villain Rebrick The Greatest Villain of All Time in Ninjago entry
2017 Harley Quinn robs a Gotham Bank Rebrick LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films grand prize winner
2017 LEGO 31025 Mountain Hut goes Castle Rebrick Build and Rebuild runner-up winner
2017 Ninja For a Day Rebrick Ninja for a Day bonus winner
2017 LEGO 31066 Space Shuttle Explorer - Back to school Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2017 A LEGO House Dream Adventure Rebrick A LEGO House Dream entry
2017 Every hero needs a weapon - MiniWeaps teaser-trailer
2017 LEGO 31069 Family Villa goes Xmas
2018 Ship in the bottle Commissioned by The LEGO Group

References Edit

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