Dirk Boettcher
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Also known as
  • Dirk Böttcher
  • Boettcher Productions
Years active
2004 - Present
Nationality Germany Flag German
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Dirk Boettcher is a German brickfilmer. He is known for multiple Steinerei prize-winning films including Teahouse Trouble, Alpenglow, A Sunny Job and Die Story meines Lebens. He hosted the Steinerei festival in 2012 and 2018.[1] He coordinated the community project 16 Cities - 17 Brickfilmers - One LEGO Set in 2015.

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2004 Biomechanik[2]
2004 Electronic Apeman
2004 Lionheart's Birthday A Peculiar Event Contest "Mr. Rogers Award" winner[3]
2004 Dancing Girl X
2004 Teahouse Trouble Amped's Fight Film Contest entry[4]
2004 The Golden Elephant[5] High Adventure Theatre Contest entry
2005 Teahouse Trouble
(2005 Version)
Steinerei 2005 Most Promising Director jury prize winner
2007 Huch, bin ich jetzt dran...?
2007 Quiz-Fieber Steinerei 2007 entry
2009 Five Minutes Steinerei 2009 entry
2010 Alpenglow Steinerei 2010 Jury Prize winner and Audience third place choice
2010 De kölsche Jung LEGO Fanwelt MBFR Brickfilm Contest second place winner[6]
2011 Brickcity Bright Lights Steinerei 2011 Jury third place choice and Audience and Brickfilmer second place choices
2011 Steinerei Trailer - Happy New Year 2012[7]
2012 Jackpot VGF Nippon in Motion Competition entry[8]
2012 Steinerei Trailer 2012[9]
2013 Der Knusperverstärker Steinerei 2013 Audience and Brickfilmer third place choices
2014 Timing ist alles! Steinerei 2014 entry
2015 A Sunny Job Steinerei 2015 Jury and Audience Prizes winner and Brickfilmer third place choice
2015 16 Cities - 17 Brickfilmers - One LEGO Set Community project coordinated by Dirk Boettcher
2016 Die Story meines Lebens Steinerei 2016 Jury Prize winner and Brickfilmer third place choice
2016 Motorsport a Teamsport[10] LEGO Stop-Motion Dream Race entry
2016 10 Jahre Oli-AG Gemeinschaft Projekt 2016 Community project coordinated by Oliver Berger
2017 Der Wolf im Knusperhäuschen Steinerei 2017 Audience Prize winner and Jury second place and Brickfilmer third place choice

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