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The Diplomacy series is a series of silent comedy brickfilms created by James Jannicelli and Joshua Leasure. The series depicts various disputes which occur in a crowded bar. Though Joshua Leasure co-animated the first film in the series and edited the second, he did not contribute to the third.[2]


Diplomacy (2003)[]

When imposing, armoured figures enter the bar, the patrons make an attempt to get rid of them.[3]

Diplomacy II (2003)[]

Two men fight over a bar stool, but put aside their differences when a bigger problem arises.

Diplomacy III (2003)[]

A man tries to claim the stool of a patron gone to the bathroom, but finds himself unable to pass guards appearing in front of it.

Other appearances[]


The bar as seen in Great Microbiologists

Great Microbiologists (2003)[]

In this brickfilm by Joshua Leasure, the bar from Diplomacy makes a cameo appearance in a cutaway, in which the patrons cheer at Louis Pasteur having saved the beer industry. The footage for this sequence was provided by James Jannicelli.[4]

Diplomacy Zero Trailer (2003)[]

The teaser trailer for Diplomacy Zero

James Jannicelli released a trailer for a prequel to the Diplomacy series entitled Diplomacy Zero. This was to focus on the pianist who appeared in the background all three of the films. He appeared in the trailer without his hook hand and it would presumably have been seen how he lost his hand, had this project been realised.[5]

The Battle of New Orleans (2004)[]

In this brickfilm by Joshua Leasure, British soldiers run from the Americans during the battle, and run through the bar from Diplomacy in one shot.[6] James Jannicelli animated the piano player in this shot.[7]


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