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Diplomacy III is a 2003 comedy brickfilm by James Jannicelli.[1] It follows a man who is repeatedly stopped when trying to take a temporarily vacated bar stool.[2] It is the final completed film in the Diplomacy series, and the only one to not include any contribution from series co-creator, Joshua Leasure. A widescreen conversion was released on August 23, 2003 as Diplomacy III: Special Edition.[3] The original file of the special edition was provided for the Brickfilm Archive by Logan Wright in July 2021.


In the bar, a man leaves his stool to go to the toilet. A guard takes position in front of the vacant stool. Another man walks in and tries to get the guard to move aside. When the guard does not move, the man shoots him. Two new guards immediately take his place. The man gets the bartender to knock these two out from behind, only for five new guards to take up position around the stool, as the man watches in disbelief. The man who left the stool returns and the guards move aside for him. He offers the stool to the other man and the guards allow him to pass. The first man leaves with the guards.[2]


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