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Diplomacy is a 2003 comedy brickfilm by James Jannicelli and Joshua Leasure.[1] It is about two imposing figures coming to the bar, to the displeasure of the patrons.[2] It is the first film in the Diplomacy series, and the only one directed by both series creators.


Two imposing, armoured figures enter the bar, as the patrons watch in disapproval. When they sit at the counter, a man with glasses gets the attention of one to tell him that he and the patrons don't like them (in an exchange referencing Star Wars Episode IV). Another patron attempts to attack the armoured man with a brush, but it rebounds violently off the armour. The man with glasses then tries attacking with an axe, but the armoured man grabs it from him and raises his own axe. The man with glasses hastily compliments him on his axe and offers to buy him a drink.[2]


Diplomacy series
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