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Dino Crises is a 2006 adventure brickfilm by Matt Gillan.[1] It follows a group of adventurers who venture to a jungle to hunt a dinosaur.[2] It was an entry to the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest on and placed eleventh. It was Gillan's first major brickfilm.[3]

Among certain members of the brickfilming community, Dino Crises became a cult brickfilm, and it was an in-joke to lavish praise upon it.[4][5][6] Rich Petty, the most prominent proponent of the film, created two parody sequels, Dino Crises 2: Electric Boogaloo and Dino Crises: A Dancehall Classic.


A professor shows explorer Jonny Hunt a video detailing a breed of dinosaur close to a triceratops that has formed in the jungle of Angolia. The professor tells Jonny that the dinosaur breeds in two days time, and that he must hunt and kill it before then. To Jonny's surprise, his brother, Ethan, enters to join him on the mission. The professor's assistant, Dr. Praxis, also joins them, and the four of them leave.[2]

In the jungle, the group sit at a campfire. They begin to hear noises, and a dinosaur emerges from the foliage. The group head to their vehicle, but Ethan stays behind and sacrifices himself to allow the others time to escape. The remaining trio work on a trap, and as Jonny is reminiscing about his childhood with Ethan, he notices two dinosaurs fighting. He tells that others that as they finish the trap, he will go distract the dinosaur, even if it costs him his life. He drives around and the dinosaur gives chase. The professor and Dr. Praxis manage to trap it, and they all head to a boat to leave. However, Dr. Praxis holds them at gunpoint and takes the boat by himself, in order to claim all the glory of completing the mission.