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Die Helden von Bern ("The Heroes of Bern") is a 2002 sports brickfilm by Florian Plag, Martin Seibert & Ingo Steidl. It is a recreation of the highlights from the 1954 FIFA World Cup Final between Germany and Hungary, known in Germany as "Das Wunder von Bern" (The Miracle of Bern), and it is set to the original commentary by Herbert Zimmermann. The film was created for a university assignment.[1] It was followed by Helden 06 in 2006.

Die Helden von Bern became a high-profile early German brickfilm, receiving lots of media attention. It was printed on 35mm film and screened in cinemas, and later released on DVD.[2] It is recognised as being an influential brickfilm in Germany, potentially introducing the concept to many people due to its exposure.[3] Florian Plag was chosen as a jury member for Steinerei 2008 on the basis of having made Die Helden von Bern, rather than being a member of the media as is usually the case.[4] However, some members of the German brickfilming community have also expressed confusion over the stature of the film, considering it to not live up to all the hype from the time.[5]


  • Florian Plag - Director
  • Martin Seibert - Director
  • Ingo Steidl - Director
  • Ulf Schönefeld - Equipment
  • Elektro-Helmly - Equipment
  • Ernst Seibert - Equipement
  • Plag family - Catering
  • Waidelich family - LEGO
  • Nicolai Dörr - LEGO


Die Helden von Bern had many festival, event, TV and media appearances, and won the following awards:[6]

Year Competition Category Result
2003 Bayreuth Filmfest Kontrast Audience prize Third place
MB21 Bundesweiter Multimediawettbewerb Third place
Filmhaus Bielefeld n/a Third place
2004 KulturPackt Schweinfurt Audience favourite Second place