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Devon Brown is a Canadian brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for brickfilms based on outdoor sports, including LEGO Mountain Biking and LEGO Freeskiing: Deep Pow.


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Year Title Notes
Further films known to be unlisted have not yet been found.[2]
2008 LEGO Vader Takes a Dump
2008 Super Hero's Day Off
2009 Teh Crazy Taxi Driver
2009 Granny's stolen purse
2009 Timmy's Day at School
2009 Vader's Redemption
2009 TTOBS Halloween Special
2009 Don't Mess with Santa
2010 Robin's Car
2010 Storm Troopers Episode 2: Huh?
2010 101 ways a minifigure can be annoying -#29 Annoying Sidekicks
2010 Literal Cafe
2010 Teh Invention of Fire
2010 The Day The Neverending Road Ended
2010 Don't Mess With Santa II
2011 Yoda Smokes Weed
2011 Rare: An Epic Questus
2011 CALL of LEGO: Brick Ops
2011 A Royal Problem Runescape Golden Gnomes Video Competition 2011 entry
2011 Barry And The Tauntaun
2011 LEGO Batman- Dogs
2011 Cheers To A New Year
2012 Tea
2012 Duck Hunting
2012 The Wrong House
2013 Bunny Man
2013 LEGO Freeskiing: Deep Pow
2013 Don't Mess With Santa III
2014 Chewie's Babysitter Filmed in 2011
2014 LEGO Mountain Biking
2014 Indiana Jones and Smeagol's Cave
2014 LEGO Santa Back-Flips On Skis
2014 LEGO Snowboarding: Van Life Commissioned by Mpora
2015 Gone Camping Commissioned by Mpora
2017 The LEGO Bike Shop
2017 Nute Gunray's Christmas
2018 New Videos coming soon!
2018 The ALL NEW LEGO Mountain Bike
2018 LEGO Santa Back Flips A Mountain Bike
2019 The Hungry Imperials Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2019 Taking out the Trash Commissioned by The LEGO Group
2020 LEGO Campfire Ambience with Lo-fi Holiday mix
2021 The Bike That Saved Christmas