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The Detective Ace Brickman Series was created by Locker 74 Productions. The series first started in December 9 2017, when a trailer for the series was released. The series mostly focuses on Ace Brickman and the Police Force trying to investigate murders.


The first episode "Demons" was released on September 7 2018. Much of the episode was based on Ace Brickman having flashbacks about his past life in the police force.

The Promises we Keep[]

"The Promises We Keep" was released on June 8 2019. This episode contained more crude language than the first episode, and also showcased a flashback that was not shown on the previous episode "Demons" after his daughter, Susan was murdered by the Rose Killer.

Sleepless Nights[]

The third episode "Sleepless Nights" is an upcoming video that will be released in 2021. A tease trailer for the third episode was released on March 9 2020, showcasing a bit of the episode.