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Detective: Ace Brickman Ep. 3 - "Sleepless Nights" is a 2021 drama brickfilm by Sam Futhey.[1] It follows the frustrated detective Ace Brickman as he loses sleep recalling his past experiences in war.[2] It follows on from Detective: Ace Brickman Ep. 2 - "The Promises We Keep", from 2019.



  • Sam Futhey as Ace Brickman
  • Zach Macias as Euegene McCollar
  • "Brick Tale Studios" as Robert Stevens
  • Jared Johnson as Agent Henry Edwards
  • Chris Major as Charlie Jones
  • Peter Kersting as Major Halstead
  • "MichelangeloVA" as Tank driver
  • "JumboGauge" as Bartender


Behind the scenes gallery[]

Behind the scenes images are available in this gallery on Flickr.


Detective: Ace Brickman series
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