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(We see the chief pour a glass of whisky)

Chief: Same M.O., down to the kind of rose. No doubting that it's him.

Ace: (whispers) son of a b*tch.

(The chief hands Ace a glass of whisky)

Chief: Here. Look, Ace, I know I kicked you off the force three years ago, but we need you back. This bastard is still out there. Without your help, more girls will die.

Ace: Frank, listen.

(We hear the door knock)

Edward: Chief Schmidt?

Chief: Yeah? Who are you?

Edward: Agent Edward Henry, FBI. Heard you guys had another body show up this morning.

Chief: Yeah, same M.O. as before. Ace was our head detective the first time around with this sicko.

Edward: Ace Brickman, huh? Heh, heard you were the guy who got him the first time.

Ace: I thought I got him.

Edward: You still Head Detective?

Chief: What does the FBI want?

Edward: Look, I'm taking over this investigation. All your officers will report to me. Same goes for you as well, Chief.

Chief: This is bullsh*t!

Edward: You've had three years to get this guy. You loafed around sucking each other’s thumbs. It's time for the big boys to take over. And we also won't be hiring a private d*ck either. I'm warning you now, I don't want you anywhere near this case! You understand?

Ace: Look, I don't want anything to do with this case. Last time I got involved, I lost everything. I'm not making that mistake again.

Edward: Smart man. Officer, get this civilian out of my station!

Ace: No need, I'm leaving. I’m leaving, got something else to do besides chasing a ghost. I'm sorry, Frank.

Edward: So, tell me everything you know so far.