Brickfilms Wiki

(Episode starts with Ace Brickman standing on the veranda)

Ace: (Sighs) Come on, you shmuck. I've been here for hours, lets go.

(We see an apartment opposite of Ace Brickman standing on the veranda)

Ace: It's about time you show up. (grabs out a camera)

(We see a man and a woman kissing. Camera shutter clicks)

Ace: Here's your proof. (puts photo down on desk) Your husbands cheating.

Woman: Can you believe this? That bastard cheated on me.

Ace: Yep, sad. My cost is fifty dollars.

Woman: I can't believe this! After ten years!

Ace: Look, lady, I don't care. I don't care that your husband likes girls who are prettier than you. I just don't care. I did my job and I expect my payment.

Woman: You bastard!

Ace: That will be fifty dollars.

Woman: (hands Ace a hundred dollar bill) Your a pr*ck.

Ace: Pleasure doing business.

(We then see the screen change to Ace Brickman walking into a bar. He then takes off his hat and sits down on a chair next to the chief.)

Chief: How've ya been, Ace?

Ace: I've been better. Been busy with cases, mainly.

Chief: What kind of cases?

Ace: Mainly cheating husbands and missing pets. Nothing too glamorous.

Chief: Look, Ace, why don't you come back to the force, huh? Lotta guys miss you. And I hate seeing your detective skills got to waste investigating a broad's life's problems.

Ace: Thanks for the offer, Jim. But it'll just remind me of my failures.

Chief: Ace, she's been gone for three years. You didn't pull the trigger.

Ace: Yeah, but might as well have. (drinks cup of whisky) Can I get another?

(A bartender pours a drink to Ace Brickman)

Ace: Thanks.

Chief: I'm worried about you. I remember when you were happy.

Ace: Yeah, me too. That was a long time ago.

(The screen changes to a flashback where Ace is typing on a computer).

Chief: Brickman!

Ace: Chief?

Chief: The mayor wants to know what we've got on these series of murders these past couple of months.

Ace: We haven't gotten anywhere.

Chief: What?

Ace: This guy's good chief. I mean, all we've got is girls' ages nineteen to twenty-three. All found dead on alleyways on rainy nights. They're all stabbed in the back. We've also found red roses by the bodies.

Chief: Do we know why rainy nights?

Ace: As far as we know, nights so no one can see his face, and rainy so the water washes away any evidence left at the scene. This guy's good.

Chief: Anything on the knife? Can we match it?

Ace: We can't match the blade to the wound because he takes the knife with him. And we can't match it to any knife in the database.

Chief: Must be a custom blade. Any connection with the victims?

Ace: They're all redheads. Nothing else sticks out.

Chief: Christ.

Ace: Like I said, chief, this guy knows how to avoid us.

Chief: Look through the case again, before another girl's body shows up.

Ace: Will do, Chief.

Chief: I was told you were the top choice for detective for your precinct. I hope their right. (walks away from Ace)