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Detective: Ace Brickman - Ep. 1 "Demons" is a 2018 detective brickfilm by Sam Futhey.[1] It is about a troubled detective, Ace Brickman, whose past comes back to haunt him.[2] It followed the stand-alone Detective: Ace Brickman Trailer from 2017, after which the decision was made to create a series following the character.


Ace Brickman is a miserable Private Detective with a dark past. Everything changes when his past comes back to haunt him .


  • Sam Futhey as Ace Milton Brickman
  • Dave Smith as Chief Franklin Schmidt
  • Chris Major as Detective Jones
  • Jacke Speckin as Cheated wife
  • Bradi Nichols as Susan Brickman



The script can be viewed here: Detective: Ace Brickman - Ep. 1 "Demons"/Script

Award nominations

Year Competition Category Result
2018 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Story and Screen Play Nominated
Best Cinematography Nominated
Best Original Music Score Nominated

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Detective: Ace Brickman series
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