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Descension is a 2002 horror brickfilm by Ben Brenninkmeyer.[1] It is about two monks who investigate a horror down a staircase.[2] It was an entry to the Horror Animation Contest and was nominated for Scariest Scene, Best Sound Effects and Best Set Design.[3]


Two police officers begin the questioning of a monk, Brother Thomas. He says that he has already told them everything he remembers, and that if anything seems vague it is because of the darkness brought over his soul by "the horror". The police ask where Brother Xavier is, and Brother Thomas recalls what happened.

In the monastery, Xavier and Thomas opened a hatch to a staircase emanating red light. Xavier gave Thomas a walkie-talkie so he could describe what happens below, and forbade Thomas from going down with him. Xavier went down the staircase, but became distressed at the sight of an unspeakable horror. He ordered Brother Thomas to cover up the steps rather than trying to help. He screamed that he saw hellish things, before the line went dead.[2]