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This brickfilm is currently not known to be available on the internet. If you have it, please let us know.

Der Weg ins LEGOLAND ("The Way to LEGOLAND"), also referred to as Die Reise ins LEGOLAND ("The Journey to LEGOLAND"), is a 2001 brickfilm by Kirsten Brandmayer.[1] It follows a toy in a nursery that comes to life and goes on an adventure in search of her missing arm.[2] It was entered into the fast forward KINDER FILMen FESTIVAL 2001, in which it was selected as one of two winners of the LEGO Studios-Sonderpreises für den besten LEGO-Trickfilm ("LEGO Studios Special Prize for the Best LEGO Animated Film"); a category officially sponsored by The LEGO Group. Subsequently, it went on to compete against the winners of the LEGO Studios Movie Making Contest in the 2001 Backyard National Children's Film Festival in Los Angeles,[3] and the director was invited to attend this event. Here, it won the prize in the age category 11-13.[4] It is currently considered to be a missing brickfilm, as it appears to have never been shared online.