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Der Sündenhamster und die fünf Kontinente is a 2009 satirical comedy brickfilm by nichtgedreht and Cornelius Koch.[1] It is about a hamster which is the cause of all of the major problems for the world.[2] The film was shot in one day when Koch was visiting nichtgedreht in March 2009.[3] It was later edited shortly before the deadline for submission to Steinerei 2009. Editing was handled solely by Koch as nichtgedreht were busy with their main Steinerei 2009 entry, Alles ist die Noppe.[4] In the festival, Der Sündenhamster und die fünf Kontinente placed third in the jury choice. The Sündenhamster would go on to make a brief appearance in the 2010 golego and nichtgedreht film Zombie Bank.