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Der Fünfte ("The Fifth") is a 2009 mystery brickfilm by Michael Wolling and Max Zachner.[1] It follows a man who is travelling during a week in which a serial killer has escaped from prison.[2] It was created for Steinerei 2009 and won both the Jury Prize and the Audience Prize, as well as coming second in the Brickfilmer choice. It was the first of three Steinerei prize-winning co-productions by the two directors.



  • Ulli Laven as Robert Elseworth
  • Harald Egerland as Barkeeper
  • Christian Hornung as Radio presenter
  • Steffen Troeger as News reporter, Talk show host


  • Michael Wolling - Screenplay, Director
  • Max Zachner - Screenplay, Director, Ambient music, Sound
  • Ulli Laven - Screenplay
  • Martin Hornung - Composer, Keyboard
  • Felix Behrendt - Bass
  • Thomas Planthaber - Drums
  • Marius Wolling - Light
  • Felix Baumann - Additional bricks
  • "prisac" - Additional bricks