Delivering Mail
The robot drives to deliver the next piece of mail
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Released December 20, 2014
  • Comedy
  • Science fiction
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Language None
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Delivering Mail is a 2014 brickfilm by Bruno Lefèvre.[1][2] It follows a robot mailman, who comes up against a house it is difficult to deliver the mail to. It was specifically created to be entered into Les Brickstars 2014.[3]

The robot design in the film was an influence on the design of the main character in Fried Circuit by Thomas Evans, which won first place in the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII.[4]

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Crew Edit

Awards Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2014 Les Brickstars Best Brickfilm Second
Best Animation Second
Best Direction Second
Best Sound Second
Best Cinematography Third
Best Set Design Second
Bricks in Motion Awards Best Original Score Nominated

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