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Delivering Mail is a 2014 brickfilm by Bruno Lefèvre.[1][2] It follows a robot mailman, who comes up against a house that proves to be a rather difficult delivery. It was specifically created to be entered into Les Brickstars 2014.[3]

The robot design in the film was an influence on the design of the main character in Fried Circuit by Thomas Evans, which won first place in the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XII.[4]


A robot courier is out delivering mail. It is not until the robot gets to the last letter that issues arise. The house is in a deep, dingy alleyway, seemingly abandoned. As the robot is getting the mail to deliver, he notices a man walking into the house and quickly runs over. Missing the man, the robot tries to ring the doorbell, but proves to be too short. Instead, he then knocks on the door, but nobody answers. The robot courier decides to try the doorbell once more, this time bringing around his cart. After lining it up with the doorbell, he tries to stand on top but slips and falls, causing the cart to crash into a wall. After trying several other methods, all that prove futile, the robot comes up with one last idea. Standing on top of an empty trash can he is finally able to ring the doorbell. Nothing happens, until an elevator door next to him opens up instead.



Year Competition Category Result
2014 Les Brickstars Best Brickfilm Second
Best Animation Second
Best Direction Second
Best Sound Second
Best Cinematography Third
Best Set Design Second
Bricks in Motion Awards Best Original Score Nominated