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Deep Space is a 2006 comedy sci-fi brickfilm by Matthew Lieberman and Cody Lieberman.[1] It is the fourth film in the Matt and Cal series and is about Cal and Matt discovering the portal between the third and fifth dimensions in their bathroom,[2] which was first mentioned in Twilight Trouble.

Although the Liebermans had plans to produce more,[3] Deep Space stands as the final Matt and Cal film.


Matt is in the living room when he gets a phone call from Cal, who tells him to come see something in the bathroom. Matt walks to the bathroom, but when he opens the door, he walks into outer space. Cal approaches in a spacesuit, and he explains that Rod Serling said their bathroom is a portal between the third and fifth dimensions. Matt and Cal stand in the remains of their bathroom in space and Cal says that this is also where things flushed down their toilet end up, as the various people who appeared in Forum Addiction float by. Cal also explains that this is where all the weird things keep coming from.

Matt and Cal use jetpacks on their spacesuits to fly to a rock surface. Cal uses his to do a backflip and Matt then tries to outdo him, but is hit by a flying toilet. Cal catches a button that is floating by and reads the words "Deus Ex Machina" on it. Matt is about to explain what this phrase means when a ten-foot monster appears in front of them. Cal presses the button and he, Matt and Rod Serling are teleported back to their house. They turn on the news and learn that a ten-foot monster has been defeated by The Temp.[2]


  • Cody Lieberman as Cal
  • Matthew Lieberman as Matt


  • Matthew Lieberman - Writer, Director, Animator, Special effects
  • Cody Lieberman - Writer, Director, Cinematographer
  • Saul Goode - Special effects
  • Michael J. Green - Special effects
  • Skye "fll-freak" Sweeney - Special effects


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