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Deep Breathing is a 2001 action horror brickfilm by Tony Johnson and Daniel Sommermann (AKA CyberDyne Pictures, and later SnS Films).[1][2][3] It follows a secret agent who must venture to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve a nuclear weapon from a crashed plane.[4] A special edition was released in 2004, which altered the cropping of the film, improved certain special effects, changed some music, and shortened the credits.[5]


Over the Pacific Ocean, a plane falls out of the sky and lands at the bottom of the sea. The next day, at Cyber Tech Industries, secret agent Rex is told that a mission awaits him at the Pentagon. He goes to the Pentagon and recived the mission to retrieve a nuclear weapon that was being transported by the plane that crashed.

Rex takes a helicopter to a location in the Pacific Ocean, where he then transfers to an underwater vessel and diving helmet. He heads down to the wreckage of the plane and gets out to investigate, while receiving directions through an earpiece. Rex has a bad feeling, and is spooked by the sight of the dead pilot. He locates the nuclear weapon, and HQ tell him they will no longer be in contact due to heavy storms.

An alien materializes next to Rex, telling him they have come to retrieve their nuclear weapon and that they made the plane crash. Rex refuses to hand it over, and a fight breaks out. Rex manages to defeat the alien, but realizes that he now does not have enough air remaining to make it back. He decides that his only option is to blow up the weapon, to prevent it falling into the aliens' hands.[4]


  • Tony Johnson as Rex
  • Daniel Sommermann as Alien, HQ, Pilot 1, Pilot 2, Guard, General


  • Tony Johnson - Director, Editor, Co-animator, Camera
  • Daniel Sommermann - Lead animator, Bluescreen, "Matrix" effect, Writer