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For the 2017 film by Silent Frames, see The Deal

Deal is a 2008 crime brickfilm by Stijn Heirstrate. It follows on from the events of Little Issues[1] and is about mob boss Bill Kilalot attempting to make peace with rival Don Touch after killing his cousin. It placed second in the first Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest.[2] It was followed by Time in 2009.


Bill Kilalot shows up at Don Touch's bar, aware that the don has sent a hitman after him for killing his cousin, Little Berty. Bill thinks his killing of Berty was justified but Touch does not agree, so Bill offers to do him a favour in a bid to have the hit called off. The don agrees and requests that Bill assassinate an intelligent, talking monkey who is set to testify against him in court.

It appears that Bill arrives opposite the whereabouts of the monkey and gets in position to snipe it, but he is found by the police and shot. However, it is revealed that this person was only a decoy as the real Bill Kilalot observes this scene through binoculars. He phones Don Touch who is surprised to hear he is not in prison, but Bill knew that he would be intercepted by the police as he had heard rumours that Touch was planning to get rid of all the mafia bosses in town. He tells Touch that he stole documentation of crimes committed from Touch's office and sent them to the police, who will be arriving there shortly. Touch begs to come to an agreement, but Bill replies that the deal is off.[3]



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