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Day of the Sun (German: Der Tag der Sonne) is a 2013 comedy brickfilm by nichtgedreht.[1] It satirises North Korea and Kim Jong-un's regime and is about Kim's reaction to finding an embarrassing photoshop of himself online.[2] It was an entry to Steinerei 2013 and won the Jury Prize, as well as coming second in the Audience Choice.[3]


On the anniversary of Kim Il-sung's birthday, "The Day of the Sun", crowds of North Korean citizens have gathered to see a rally of the troops, while Kim Jong-un watches from above. Here, the Technology Department of Pyongyang University unveil their new technology for Kim's use only; a computer with internet access. Kim sits at the computer and tries googling his own name, but the result shocks the troops and amuses the crowd: a photoshopped image of Kim's face on a panda. A soldier fires at the screen in disgust.

In a meeting, a minister decides that they must drop a nuclear bomb on the location of the web server in the USA. Kim is hesitant, but he is soon convinced that this is the only suitable response, and so a nuke is launched. It hits New York City, and the narrator declares that the events of this Day of the Sun will be remembered by the world as "The Day of the Second Sun". Kim goes to bed, and North Korea is soon nuked back.[2]


  • Hendrik Denkhaus - Animator
  • Kilian Helmbrecht - Animator
  • Lukas Helmbrecht - Editor
  • Christian Denkhaus - Editor
  • Joscha Denzel - Sound
  • Seung-uk Shin - Narrator