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David West is a past member of the brickfilming community. He is best known for being the first host of the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, which he ran the first four installments of and which still runs to this day. He was also the coordinator of the BrickFest 2006 Montage and a major contributor to the first successful community project Cleaning Time, collaborating on writing and animating multiple scenes.


Year Title Notes
2003 Duel of the bums
2004 Happy Birthday Tom Collaborative video created for Tom Dean
2004 Speeding Demon 10 Brick Contest entry
2005 AnimatorDV Ad AnimatorDV Commercial Contest second place winner[1]
2005 Cleaning Time: The Janitorial Contingency Community project coordinated by Doug James and Joshua Leasure and directed by Tom Dean
2006 BrickFest 2006 Montage Community project coordinated by David West

Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest[]

Main article: Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest

The Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest emerged from a January 2005 discussion on of a one-day brickfilm contest idea by Stephen Nolen, which itself was based on a one-hour competition idea by Robinson Wood. West spoke of having had a similar idea in the past,[2] and volunteered to host as Robinson Wood wished to enter it himself[3] (which, ultimately, he did not until THAC 2 the next year).

The first THAC took place in August 2005, and it became an annual occurance. THAC 2 and 3 took place in summer 2006 and 2007, but as David West would be joining the army in 2008 and due to demand, he decided to host a second THAC in 2007, with THAC 4 taking place over the winter break. This would be West's last time hosting THAC and also the last THAC to take place on (THAC had not been officially sponsored by the site itself).

When in March 2008 the brickfilming community active at the time began to move to the site that would become Bricks in Motion, Scott "Uncle_Cheesedog" Loeppky wished for a contest similar to THAC to get more films on the new site, and, with the blessing of David West, continued on the THAC name with THAC 5. THAC changed hands a number of times since and, beginning with THAC 7, the contest has been held officially by Bricks in Motion, with the current host being William Osborne. THAC has consistently been a major fixture on the site, with the most entries to a single THAC being 152 in 2023.

Other hosting[]

Other than THAC, David West also hosted the trailer competitions for the Heroes and Villains Contest in March 2005 and for the Fame, Infamy and Glory Contest in May 2006.[4] He also organised the BrickFest 2006 Montage.