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David Mackenzie is a brickfilmer who began back in 2008, and he is most remembered for his LEGO Spiderman series, which is one of the earliest, and most popular, super-hero related films and series. He has one of the largest filmographies in brickfilming.

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Year Title Notes
2008 LEGO Halo Episode II
2008 LEGO Halo Episode I
2008 LEGO Halo Episode III, 24 and The Matrix
2008 LEGO Halo Episode IV, Starwars
2008 LEGO Halo Episode V, Giant Spartans
2008 LEGO Halo Episode VI, 2 On 2 Slayer
2008 LEGO Halo Episode VII, Valhalla
2008 LEGO Halo Episode VIII, The Hunter
2008 LEGO Halo Episode IX, The End, Or is It?
2008 LEGO Starwars Episode II
2008 LEGO Starwars Episode III
2008 LEGO 24
2008 LEGO Starwars Episode IV
2008 LEGO Cloverfield
2008 LEGO Millennium Falcon Parody
2008 LEGO Batman Episode 1, The Two Batmans
2008 LEGO Batman Episode II, The TARDIS
2008 LEGO Batman Episode III, Behind the Scenes
2008 LEGO Batman Episode IV, The Staff Party
2008 LEGO Batman Episode V, The Power Rangers
2008 LEGO Batman Episode VI, The Exam
2008 LEGO Batman Episode VII, I Am LEGO
2008 The Dark Knight Trailer Spoof - LEGO Version
2008 LEGO Batman Episode VIII, YU-GI-OH
2008 To Be a LEGO
2008 LEGO Batman Episode IX, Alien VS Batman
2008 Batman Episode X TRAILER
2008 LEGO Batman Episode XI, The Two Jokers
2008 Iron Man Trailer - LEGO Version
2008 LEGO Batman Episode XII, The Symbiote
2008 LEGO Batman - Halloween Special
2008 LEGO Halo Episode X, Guitar Hero
2008 LEGO Spiderman Christmas Special
2009 LEGO High School Musical - I Want It All
2009 Friday the 13th
2009 Jimmy the Clone
2009 LEGO Spiderman Episode I, Marvel vs DC
2009 LEGO Spiderman Episode II, Toxin
2009 LEGO Spiderman Episode III, Monster Ock
2009 LEGO Spiderman Episode V, The LEGO Files
2009 LEGO Spiderman Episode IV, The Origin of Ghost Rider
2009 Creation
2009 LEGO Spiderman Episode VI, Prison Brick
2009 Heterophobia
2009 The Carbon Footprint of Making and Distributing Newspapers
2009 Watchmen: A LEGO Film
2009 Where is Venom?
2009 Google
2009 Tim Hortons Rap
2009 The Director
2009 Audience of Deceased
2009 A World Without Studs: Brickman is Born
2009 AWWS: Building Obama
2009 1,000,000 Video Views' Celebrating 1 million video views on Mackenzie's YouTube channel
2009 AWWS: The Airplane
2009 AWWS: Riding the Rollercoaster
2009 AWWS: When Billiards Attack
2009 LEGO Spiderman Episode VII, Deadpool
2009 The Trapped Minifigure
2009 AWWS: Canine Encounter
2009 AWWS: Screen Looking
2009 Stop the Villains
2009 AWWS: Racing in a Triathlon
2009 AWWS: Kitty's Breakfast
2009 AWWS: Human Annihilation
2009 AWWS: Escape of the Brick-People
2008 AWWS: Ditching the Real World
2009 LEGO Spiderman Episode VIII, The King of Rock
2009 AWWS: Feline Encounter
2009 Use Your Head
2009 AWWS: Grandma's Embarrassment
2009 C.S.I Crime Scene Instigation
2010 Inferior I
2010 TIC TAC Annihilation
2010 Inferior II - The Merge
2010 MARVEL Universe
2010 AWWS: The Flood
2010 Happy Fathers' Day
2010 Let's Do This!
2010 SoHowDoYaFeelSon?
2010 Custom Encounters of the Third Kind
2010 Ain't Playin' No Games
2010 Kongzilla Attacks TORONTO
2010 NHL Dreams... Blown to Pieces
2010 Just Like Dad
2010 LEGO Series Trailer
2010 Batman and Pieces of Robin
2010 Autonomous
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