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David Boddy is an Australian brickfilmer. He is known for brickfilms featuring high frame rate animation and large sets, including Train to Catch, CYCLIC, and Live 2 Sk8.[1]


Year Title Notes
2008 Train to Catch Built By Me Movie Contest entry
Go Miniman Go! Video Contest first place winner[2]
2008 Go Miniman Go Go Miniman Go! Video Contest entry[3]
2009 The Bulls New Caravan Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 6 entry[4]
2009 Hand Car The Quick Short Advertising Contest second place winner[5]
2009 CYCLIC Space, Time and Reality Contest second place winner[6]
2009 Ghost Train AniExer-size Animation Contest II third place winner[7]
2010 Live 2 Sk8 Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 7 entry
2010 Ageless MoFilm Cannes 2010 Competition entry[8]
2010 Crime Stories Avant-Garde Contest entry
2010 Venusians Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 8 entry
2011 Brick Expo 2011 [9]
2012 Brick Expo 2012 [10] Footage reused for ads in subsequent years[11][12][13][14]
2012 Take Out LEGO DC Super Heroes Video Contest entry?
2012 Dance of the Black Widow LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Video Contest entry?
2013 Bovonic Tonic The LEGO Movie ReBrick Film Competition entry
2013 LEGO Brick Blues ReBrick Show Us an AFOL Competition first place winner[15]