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Dave Pickett is an American brickfilmer. He is known for the Nightly News at Nine series, as well as for the cult brickfilm The Franky Job. Dave Pickett is also the co-founder of the brickfilming blog The Set Bump and co-author of The LEGO Animation Book, both along with David Pagano.[1]


Year Title Notes
2003 Hamlet - Play Within the Play[2]
2004 LEGO Movie 2
2004 Elephant?[3]
2006 LEGO Movie 2: Volume 2 Also known as LEGO Movie 2.33
2007 NNN News Flash[4] Also known as NNN - Pilot Episode[5]
2007 Compass Points
2007 The Franky Job[6] Fire Escape Films Single Script Festival entry
2007 Björk - Innocence Björk Music Video Contest entry[7]
2008 40 Fire Escape Films Second Annual 48 Hour Film Fesitval entry
2008 Choose Your Own Storyline: The Fight For Paradise Hills One of two Built By Me Movie Contest 18 and Older second place winners[8][9]
2009 Green: A Better Color for Better Building[10] The Quick Short Advertising Contest third place winner
Rereleased as Pro-Green Commercial
2009 Out of Bonds
2009 SVELT Commercial Also known as SVELT - We are Evil
2009 SVELT Interview
2009 On the Street with Steve Deepsea
2009 Door Chase Scene
2010 Anti-Green Commercial Also known as Orange: Because anything is better than Green
2010 The Orange-Green War Begins
2010 NNN Deleted Scene - Sherry and Robert
2010 Color City Hide and Seek: Yellow Aniboom Sesame Street Competition entry[11]
2010 Metamorphosis MOFILM Cannes Lions 2010 Contest LEGO category runner-up prize winner
Avant-Garde Contest entry
2010 The Pinchbot Invasion
2010 Orange Beats Binary
2011 ROBOphelia vs. Grabbor
2011 NNN Deleted Scene - Les Briques Tres Chic Commercial
2011 NNN - Robot Auditions
2011 Eddie Izzard - Evil Giraffe
2011 Robots! Robots! Robots!
2012 The End of Sports
2013 Police Show Commercial
2013 The Orange-Green War Continues
2017 The Magic Picnic Co-production with David Pagano
2017 Chicago Pile-1: A Brick History Commissioned by Argonne National Laboratory